I am Michael Kitchell

Software Engineer Creative Thinker Problem Solver

My Skills

Front-end Development

I believe an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface is key when it comes to user experience. To provide a snappy, rich experience, I prefer to rely on Angular and TypeScript, coupled with front-end frameworks such as Ionic or Bootstrap.

Back-end Development

What's a front-end if it's not backed by effective APIs? For a seamless and effective experience, I implement back-end services using the Javascript ecosystem (NodeJS and NestJS), or the .NET Framework (C#, MVC, Entity Framework).


When it comes to managing data, integrity and speed are paramount. I have experience in both RDBMS (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres), as well as NoSQL (MongoDB).

Cloud Architecture

An application needs to be scalable and cost-effective. That's why I utilize AWS to produce a cloud-native application. From the front-end, to the back-end, to data management, I believe a serverless architecture provides extensive reliability and efficiency.

CI/CD Automation

When it comes to deployment, I believe in being swift and safe. I utilize tools such as Bamboo to automate deployment and integration processes.

Cross-Platform Mobile

Ionic Framework has proven to be an extremely effective tool when I'm looking to build applications that function on both desktop and mobile platforms alike.

About Me

Hi There

I am an avid software engineer with a passion for creating, and problem-solving. I have several years of experience developing, enhancing, and maintaining web and software applications utilizing technologies such as the .NET Framework (C#, MVC, Entity Framework), Javascript (NodeJS, NestJS, Angular, TypeScript), RDBMS (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres), NoSQL (MongoDB), cloud infrastructure (AWS), CI/CD automation (Bamboo), and cross platform mobile frameworks (Ionic). I enjoy being part of a cohesive team, sharing knowledge, and writing clean and robust code backed by thorough testing.

Michael Kitchell

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